Kepler V2.0 — a model for a truly return-focused decentralized VC

We’ve been working on this for a long time, taking our learnings from the recent bear run and developments at other DAOs. There were only two goals that we were chasing after a lot of deliberation — how to build a process for gaining long term sustainable returns for our investors and how to incentivize the stakeholders who believe in this goal.

And with these two goals in mind, here’s what we finally decided. Like always, this is open for review and feedback, but we want you to take the lens of building a healthy protocol which will probably stay with you in your web3.0 journey along with the growing Kepler community.

What is Kepler V2.0?

Kepler V2.0 is an essential upgrade to achieve the long-term vision of Kepler DAO — become the world’s first treasury-backed investment protocol. A lot of thought was put into it, including the best time to launch it, and we believe that for the future of the protocol, Kepler DAO must start with V2.0 at its core. Let’s understand what Kepler V2.0 brings to us.

For more information on buying and selling, please read up here

Why Kepler 2.0?

What are the major differences from Kepler V1.0?


How to participate?

  1. I have staked my aKEEPER: Great! After the copper launch, you can withdraw your staked $aKEEPER along with the rewards, which can be redeemed 1:1 with $KEEPER on mainnet launch. Or, you could wait for the mainnet launch and directly convert the staked aKEEPER to KEEPER in order to save gas.
  2. I hold aKEEPER: Wait for the mainnet launch, then you can redeem them 1:1 for KEEPER.
  3. I want KEEPER: You can buy $aKEEPER on the Copper launch which will be 1:1 redeemable for KEEPER, or you can buy KEEPER directly on mainnet launch on the website.

You can read our docs explaining everything here

We hope that you will understand the nuances behind upgrading to this new model. We can’t wait to see it unfold, and also reveal the look of our investment dApp that we’re currently BUIDLing! ;)

KEEP tuned.

HODL and Prosper!

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